School Shoes Everywhere!

School Shoes

We have our greatest selection of school shoes ever - even more than last year! 

In order to ensure that we have a great selection for all shapes and sizes, we have increased our range and pairage so there is always something for everyone. 

When you visit us please bear in mind that we use our hands and eyes, so we don't always bring out everything out from our stockroom in your child's size. There will always be some which are the wrong shape for your child's foot and we don't need to try it on to find that out -  so we don't want to waste your time.

What a Selection!
Just look at our shelves - no repeats just all fantastic leather shoes.

Introducing ... the new brands sitting pretty on our shelves 

Lurchi from German brand Salamander were formed in 1937 and manufactured in Germany. Leather lined with soft leather uppers we have found these to be great for a slim foot. We have a great range of girls and some timeless classics for the boys. 
We are sure they will be here to stay!
Biomechanics is from Spanish brand Garvalin with over 35 year experience of manufacturing children's shoes. A research project with Biomecanica Institute of Valencia led them to provide more ergonomic designs satisfying specific requirements of a growing foot. They are all leather lined with a removable footbed, so are ideal for those with orthotics.
We stock a mixture of boys and girls and are ideal for those wanting the research in the construction, materials and design of their child's shoes.
In 1921 Henri Noel made leather clogs in France. The company have continued to make the shoes in France to this day. They are designed for a perfect fit and are the most perfectly cushioned, supple and light footwear around. 
They are particularly popular with those wanting a classic look and popular for boys and girls alike.

New Styles Instore

Just a couple of the new Geox designs we have in stock for this season. They are hard wearing, well made and with breathable soles, so are ideal for those children who are prone to have hot feet! They have been a key part of our collections over the years and they are a given with a large number of our customers.


Why Not Buy Early ...

As much as you may be getting frustrated with the kids already, the thought of 'Back to School' at the beginning of August may fill you with dread.
However, as the last few weeks can be so busy, you may like to take advantage of our Buy Now Exchange Later offer we operate at this time of year,
This way as long as you keep the receipt and shoes with box (in the original condition), we can offer a re-measure and fit at any time up to the start of school. Rest assured that you then have their shoes sorted but you have an option if they have a growth spurt (which is common over the summer months).
Don't forget to also take advantage of our extended hours and Sunday openings as listed on our website and facebook page. 

Loyalty Card
Be sure to bring your Loyalty Cards to get a stamp for every pair of shoes over £25.
It all helps.


As a family owned independent business we really thank you for your business and appreciate the part you are all playing in keeping the high street alive :)

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